Innovation and Implementation

Innovative Health Care Advisory Solutions

The 2020 pandemic,  post-Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes, and upcoming presidential elections world has affected the lives of millions of employees and employer plans. For many in the health care industry, the future is unclear other than the faster & rapid-cycle change that is underway. Business collaborators, partners and participants are desperately trying to write the next chapter as we enter the next decade.

At the Institute for Integrated Healthcare, we understand that collaboration, continuity, and effective working relationships flow from leadership. Our advisory firm is committed to helping businesses nationwide thrive in this “new world.” Together with our affiliated partners, collaborators, and national network of business coalitions, we are able to guide a broad mix of clients in addressing or making change across the U.S. health care services, benefits, and manufacturing industries.

To ensure the best results, we tailor our high-quality strategic services to suit each client’s specific needs. Aside from education and customizable tools, we provide a development platform that spurs disruption and creates innovative ideas that advance health care outcomes for the employer health plan sponsor [purchaser] and members [patients]. This means better performance in achieving both clinical and economic outcomes for all concerned.

Our Mission

Our team treats clients with integrity and courtesy. We work with innovators and decision-makers in unique ways to move toward positive market change for all stakeholders. Additionally, our firm guarantees efficient, honest health care services that achieve remarkable results.

An Outstanding Record

Our consistent record of expertise with uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust in new and long-standing clients. We utilize the latest technology in order to respond quickly and give you the most relevant insights, information, or perspectives on U.S. health care.

Core Strengths

Collaboration With Health Systems, Hospitals, and Medical Groups
Identification, Development, or Incubation of Solutions to Address Key Business Objective Success
Insights Around Market Collaboration With Manufacturers of Health Care Products (Devices, Diagnostics, and Drugs)
Purchaser/Employee Strategic Structure and Benefit Design Collaboration and Administrative Innovation
Strategic Knowledge About Insurance, Brokers, Consultants, and Managed Care - Administrative Service Organizations


Some of our affiliated collaborators or partners across the U.S. include:

  • Access Market Intelligence, CT
  • Benefit Innovators, FL
  • Big Insights, CT
  • Foundation of Health Smart Consumers, NJ
  • Hospital Quality Foundation (HQF) and Its Subgroup, the Employer-Provider Interface Council (EPIC), NJ & SC
  • Midwest Business Group on Health, IL
  • South Carolina Business Coalition on Health, SC
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