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October 2018 - lectures at the Rutgers HEOR Fellows Program and HOPE Center graduate program

October 2018 - lecture at the University of Rhode Island, College of Pharmacy

No additional events currently scheduled. Check back for events currently being planned.


  • Pharmacy Benefits for Nonspecialty Drugs: Access and Management
    • Authored by Dr. Vogenberg available online at the Access Market Intelligence website: pharmacy-benefits-for-nonspecialty-drugs-access-and-management-e-book-2018-edition or click
    • This new 2018 book was developed for use by all healthcare industry and related professionals who want to better understand drug benefit management such as: the relationships among pharmaceutical contracting and prescribing, pharmacy distribution and dispensing, pharmacy utilization management and policies, patient cost sharing and adherence, and how to “follow the money” throughout the managed benefit system."
  • Look for published papers or commentary throughout the year in several peer-reviewed journals, along with interviews in other health care print publications.


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