Innovation and Implementation

Health Care Consulting Services for Businesses

Health care benefits, insurance coverage regulations, and doing business in the health care industry can be complicated. At the Institute for Integrated Healthcare, we understand your challenges. To help you overcome them, we offer our expertise in:

Education or Knowledge Development
Strategies, Planning, and Guidance on Trends
U.S. Health Care Market Intelligence

We are thought leaders in learning, education, and market insights. You’ve got questions about the complex world of health care, and we’ve got the answers. You can access them and other pieces of helpful information through our shared web portal.

We collaborate with The Hospital Quality Foundation (HQF), conduct virtual advisory boards, assemble innovators and decision-makers in unique ways within targeted sectors. We are committed to helping all stakeholders by moving the needle toward positive market change. To learn more, visit and

Our firm collaborates with Access Market Intelligence and the HQF by applying actionable health care management intelligence to your strategic business decisions.

Areas of Expertise Includes
  • Health Care Solutions Consulting
  • Health Economics
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Policy
  • In-Site Reports
  • Medical Benefit Management
  • Training & Educational Programs or Books
Academic Partnerships Include

Active collaborations with:

  • Rutgers University (New Jersey)
    • H.O.P.E Center
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (Illinois)
  • University of Rhode Island (Rhode Island)
Organization Collaborators Include
Media Publication Collaborators Include